Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Zarqawi is Dead, Kennedy Pleads guilty and Rove is innocent!

News broke early this morning that Karl Rove would not be indicted in the CIA leak case, only a short statement was released, but succint enough. This follows the death of Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Zarqawi only a few days earlier. As if things werent looking good enough for us on the right side of the aisle (and America too, but the left isnt all to concerned with America these days) news broke only minutes ago that Rep Patrick Kennedy would plead guilty to driving under the influence! Lets see if the MSM reports this the same as they did with Rush (Who by the way sought help himself, it didnt take a car crash and a police investigation)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Canada Arrests 17 in Terror Sweep, The 17 may have had contacts in the US.

Toronto, Canada (RSN)- Canadian Police foiled a terrorist attack on Canadian Soil, say the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper released a statement saying "These individuals were allegedly intent on committing acts of terrorism against their own country and their own people,"

Soon after the announcement, The American FBI said the arrest seventeen may have had contact with two men recently arrested in Atlanta, GA on terrorism charges. RCMP Commissioner Mike McDonnel said that the arrested had the capacity and the intent to attack Canadian Targets.

The story developed further as the extent of the relationship between the Georgia group and the Toronto group became fully known.

FBI Special Agent Richard Kolko said there may have been a connection between the Canadian suspects and a Georgia Tech student and another American who had traveled to Canada to meet with Islamic extremists to discuss locations for a terrorist strike.

Syed Haris Ahmed and Ehsanul Islam Sadequee, the terrorists from Georgia who are also U.S. citizens, were arrested in March.

Right Stream News will closely follow this story as it develops...

Haditha 'Massacre' Source Once Jailed By US Troops

A Reuters-In-Iraq reporter who is the source for the 'Haditha Massacre' media frenzy has been arrested and detained by US Troops, twice. Once earler for about five months and as recent as two weeks ago. Even Reuters admits:

Ali al-Mashhadani, 37, was arrested by U.S. Marines in his home town of Ramadi on May 20"

The source for the Haditha story is none other than Mr. Mashhadani who broke the story only weeks after being released from US Custody the first time, for having evidence on his camera that Marines say indicated his ties to the Insurgency.

A US Military investigation of the soldiers in question has already cleared all of them, and final vindication is pending in an Iraqi Gov't investigation.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Schwarzenegger to Order Troops to Border

Sacramento, CA (RSN)-
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has ordered 1,000 CA National Guardsmen to the southern border. The Governor has signed a second executive order that will allow the troops to stay through December 2008.
This decision by Gov. Schwarzenegger ends a more than two week standoff with the Bush Administration over the deployment of NG Troops to the southern border. Schwarzenegger originally disagreed entirley with the proposal but has since compromised.
The White House and Sacramento reached an agreement under which California will contribute the Guardsmen for border duty and the federal government will pick up the full cost in exchange according to Schwarzenegger spokesman Adam Mendelsohn.


Right Stream News is Launched!

To all readers-

I'd like to announce the creation of my news-blog, Right Stream News. RSN is an independent news team that reports stories from a center-right perspective as an alternative to the increasingly one-sided main stream media. Right Stream News hopes to report news from the right of the increasingly liberal MSM.

I will begin reporting on stories as soon as possible! Let's start reporting the right news, the right way.

-The Editor, RSN.

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