Thursday, June 01, 2006


Right Stream News is Launched!

To all readers-

I'd like to announce the creation of my news-blog, Right Stream News. RSN is an independent news team that reports stories from a center-right perspective as an alternative to the increasingly one-sided main stream media. Right Stream News hopes to report news from the right of the increasingly liberal MSM.

I will begin reporting on stories as soon as possible! Let's start reporting the right news, the right way.

-The Editor, RSN.

Go for it! There all kinds of blogs you can draw from. Be the FOX News source for the Right of Center thinking people

Very Respectfully, Tom Kubiak, Colonel, USAF (Retired)
We can always use more factual news instead of opinionated news.

I have seen both of these articles elsewhere, but not with the information you have provided.

Thank you
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